SEO Ranking Factors Rank Correlation 2013 for Google USA 2013

Top SEO Ranking Factors 2013

The Top SEO Ranking Factors within Search in 2013.


Video Transcript

Hi there. Just came across SearchMetrics’ updated report for SEO ranking factors, 2013. It’s quite a lengthy document. I think it’s about 70-odd pages in total. It’s an interesting read. SearchMetrics. if you don’t know, are one of the leading platforms for search monitoring if you like. They constantly go out and they crawl over a 100 million Web pages. They have about 75 million keywords in their index, and they use this index to constantly crawl the Web.

Pretty much the way that Google does, but that feeds into their own platform, so you can instantly get an idea of the landscape, and how it’s changing in reference to Google and all the other search engines, as well, Bing, it just depends on what geographical location you’re in. Because you can preset your preferences in terms of the search landscape, but going back to the report, it was quite interesting, because there were three, for me, three key take-aways of that report, in terms of what were the major ranking factors that’ve changed or evolved over 2013, compared with 2012.

For me, and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised, was the presence of Google Plus. Shares and Plus ones and the emergence and the social activity within this platform. It definitely had a correlation with significant ranking signals. But, in saying that, in 2012, were they really monitoring Google Plus as well as they were in 2013? That remains to be seen, as well, because as a platform in 2012, Google Plus was still evolving, so there’s a little bit to be read into it. But, definitely, about 2014 compared with 2013; I think that will be a fairer metric that you could look at, or a better metric you could look at, just to see the true significance of it.

The other thing that was quite interesting was content. They found that search…Web sites that were ranking within the search environment tended to have more content on the page, so again, it’s coming back to content, and the quality of the content. And sometimes quality of content naturally flows over to more content, so it’s…if you’re gonna do any posting or writing, it’s probably better to write less often, but to have better quality. So, on-page, more content, and better quality content. So when I say more content, this is, ideally, they said up to 500 words, so I would suggest 500 words-plus, and that gives you, if anything, a minimum starting point from which to base good content. And good content should be interactive, should be able to entertain, and they really should get a lot out of it. So, 500 words minimum, you should be able to achieve, no problem at all.

The other thing, as well, which was quite interesting, which had a major…moved on significantly since 2012, was the presence of the keyword within the page title. And they’ve found that the closer the targeted keyword was to the front of the page title, it was having more of an impact within the rankings, than what it had from 2012. So, if you were trying to define a Web page, and that Web page is targeting a particular keyword, that keyword needs to be at the front end of the page title. Make it a priority. Don’t tag it towards the middle or the end; get it at the front end, and I think, that will definitely have a better ranking signal, and do you some good results.

So, just to summarize again, those three factors which you want to look at for 2013. Ideally, create great on-page content. Make it engaging, make it resourceful, and make it unique. Make it over 500 words. And after you’ve created your on-page content, create your page title, with that keyword optimized towards the front of the page title. That’s imperative. And then after you’ve built that out, you need to go out into Google Plus, as a first point of reference, and get it out there. Get it interactive, get it shared, get it plus-oned, and then, obviously, explore your other social channels. But, I think as a first point of preference, Google Plus is your preferred platform. And this is a platform that’s pretty much in its infancy, and it’s gonna grow, and being as it’s so intrinsically linked with all the other Google services, it’s something you need to be on. So, by all means, get out there.

I hope these take-aways are of value, and talk to you soon. Thanks.