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How much does an SEO Agency charge?


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Hi there. Just wanted to point you past the directory I found the other day I was looking at which is quite interesting. Because, being an SEO agency, we all have price structures that we charge to clients, and clients are always interested in how that structuring works. We’re a service led industry, so, you know, it’s basically man hours towards a task and then billed accordingly.

At the same time there’s a lot of people out there that may be thinking about starting their own SEO agency, wondering about what sort of price structures to charge. Or, even if you’re an existing agency and you just want to sort of compare where you stand in terms of other rates with other agencies.

So, have a look at this. It’s from Moz which was formerly SEOmoz which has now been rebranded into Moz. They’ve got a list of probably the top SEO inbound marketing agencies on their site. But, if you hit the little drop down that says ‘Find out more’ you can see all the different pricing structures and tiers which is quite interesting. For instance, you’ll get some agencies that are charging $2,500 per month with a fixed twelve month contract, and then you’ll get other agencies that are charging $5,000 or $6,000 a month.

Again, it just depends, locked in contracts, I mean this is still very much a broad overview, and it would be very dependent on the scope of work that the client was looking for. But at the same you get an understanding of, you know, what’s out there and in terms of the different pricing structures within the different agencies.

The other thing to think about it as well is: if you look at it from a resourcing point of view. Say, for instance, you were just going to look at purely a time rate per hour. I don’t know, you might look at, say, $1,500 U.S. dollars a day or maybe less, you know. It might be £1,000 a day. Straight away you get an understanding of the service and the price rate that’s being offered to the client, whether they’re going to work on four, five or six man days to service that client.

So, yeah, it’s interesting. It just gives you a bit of an overview. I found it quite interesting, so I thought I’d give it out there and share it to you.

Thanks a lot. Bye.

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