My Love Affair with Biltong

Video Series on How to Make Biltong

I first came across biltong when i was travelling through Africa. It was initially when i got into Namibia, then more so in South Africa that i really grew to love it. At the time it was all game biltong and i think by the time i had left the southern tip of the African Continent i probably had consumed a small springbok. I loved everything thing about it, the textures, the flavours and the actual physical process of  trimming strips of a whole biltong stick just so you could eat it.

Fast froward 10 years and fate would play its hand where i opened up a couple of butchers shop in England. Whilst we were very much the convential English butchers shop, i am not English and i wanted to introduce other meats to my customers. Given my South African memories it was something i was excited to pursue. From that i dabbled in all meats South African. Long story short, i was making Droewors, Boerwors and Biltong for customers and other South African Deli’s around the South of London. At one stage we knocked out 1000kg of sausage within a single week.

Over the years I have had multiple conversations on had to make Biltong, i got sick of telling the same story. This is the reason why i decided to make this video series on making Biltong. Believe me nothing is better than eating your own home made Biltong. Go through all the videos then have a go yourself. This is just my recipe on how to make biltong, it is not the right way nor is it the wrong way, it is the way that worked for me. Have a play yourself. Hope you enjoy it.

To get started now go to Video 1 for the Biltong Video Tutorials.

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