How to make Biltong Spice | Making Biltong – Part 1

How to make Biltong Spice.

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Hi there, Daryl here from Biltong Solutions. Today we’re going to talk about spice, which is probably the most crucial of making biltong, droewors or boerewors, because it’s all about the spice or the seasoning you put into the product which gives you the end result,

Cameraman: The flavour.

The flavour, exactly. So, what we’ve got here is a little arrangement of spices and everything that we want to go through and show you which makes up biltong, because that’s what we’re going to concentrate today on. Biltong Spice.

So the first thing we’ve got is obviously a mixing bowl. You need a mixing bowl, a measuring jug to measure out your portions. Now, I’ve got everything on a large scale here, just to give you an idea. It’s easier to show it on a video. but scale everything up or down as you see fit, depending on the volume that you are going to make.

So that’s it. But our basic ingredients are: Cracked coriander, cracked coriander seeds. Now these have already been pre-cracked. You can buy it like that. Or you can also do is buy whole coriander seeds, crack them yourself, that way, that’s another way around it. Or you can do variations. What we’ve also done sometimes is we’ve taken a big batch of whole coriander seeds and we’ve put them in the oven, roasted them for a short term and then cracked them. Because it’s easier to crack but also it gives you a different flavour. So, you know, variations on flavour. Do it as you see fit.

We’ve got coarse sea salt which is essential. Helps in the actual curing process. We’ve got a bit of cracked black pepper. Which is, you know, very good, again flavour.

Cameraman: That’s 12 mesh that.

12 mesh? Yeah, but I mean you can add a coarse or as fine as you want. You know, really, you can use…

Cameraman: That’s sort of medium, that’s a medium mesh.

Yeah, so, and we’ve also got an off-the shelf product seasoning which is straight out of South Africa. I mean, Crown National is very us, very South African manufacturers that do a… you know we use this sometimes as a base product to make the biltong.

Cameraman: Is that because it’s got an additive in it or?

Well, yeah, it’s…

Cameraman: Preservative.

… good, you know it’s an off the shelf product and if you just want to make quick biltong use that stuff, because you know, you can just put it straight on.

What we’ve done here is variations. Basically you can use this as a base mix and then add additional seasonings to give it your own unique flavour. And we find that’s what we do and it works better. Because, you know, any Joe can just make this and it’ll pretty much taste the same. What, you know, to give it your own unique flavour we add these other products…

Cameraman: Spices.

…though give it the uniqueness, other spices yeah. And that’s basically just your Crown National. I mean it’s good as a base mix because it has got a preservative in it which does alter the meat, help in your product.

Right. What we’re going to do. We work on a base mix of one measure of coarse sea salt which is pretty much that. So one measure of coarse sea salt. We have cracked coriander seeds. We generally do one measure of that into the mix. We do half a measure of cracked black pepper. So that goes into the mix there again. And then for the base mix, the seasoning. Let’s do it this way. We do, again a full mix [sic] of that into the mix. There, you can see it there and then all you do is you give it a good mix up.

You can see that salt coming through, which is quite nice in the finished product. Big coarse pieces of sea salt. And again, it just helps. Now what you’ve got here is a unique blend, that’s unique to you, and from that you’ve got your seasoning.

That’s it really. This is just a guideline, a base of what we do. You’ll soon work out what works for you, what you can add and what not.

So the next video we’ll go on to actually getting ready and making your biltong and going from there.

Cameraman: Thank you.

Thank you.

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