Choose your Beef for Making Biltong | Making Biltong – Part 2

What is the right cut for making Biltong?

Video transcript

Hi there, Daryl here again, Biltong Solutions. We’ve covered spice. Next stage of spice is obviously your meat.

Right, for us, making biltong, we use silversides. We find it’s the best in terms of giving you nice big portions of meat. It’s the cheapest in terms of value for money, and, you know, that’s what it’s about. People want to get a good product for the lowest cost possible. So, you know, some people would say use rump, some people topsides, but to be fair in terms of cost, silverside is the cheapest of those cuts, but the best in terms of giving you a biltong product. So we thoroughly recommend silversides.
The other thing is you can go into a butcher shop or a supermarket, if you like, and you can buy individual steaks. What we’re saying here is buy, if you can stretch it, if you’re going to make a lot of biltong, buy a case, because in terms of value for money, that’s the best way to do it. Buy a whole case of silversides. This is how it will come. It’s nice and easy. And if you know you’re going to make biltong, you know, for the next year or whatever, do it that way. You can prepare it, freeze it down, and in terms of value for money, this is the way to go.
So basically, right, you’ve just bought your case, and this is how it comes, nice and simple. You’ve got three pieces of silversides. They’re all individually wrapped, ready to go, very clean, nothing to it. What you want to do . . .

Cameraman: They are already trimmed up, aren’t they?

Yeah, they’re very trim. They’re very lean. All the work has been done for you basically. So what you want to do, before you start going on to making your biltong, is just open the bag over a sink, drain the blood, and get ready to cut your meat, and we’ll cover that in the next stage of the video. So get your silversides out of the packets, drain the blood, one at a time really. And if you look at the next video, we’ll show you have to prep it to do biltong.

Thank you.

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