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Biltong Tutorial Introduction

Biltong Video Series Introduction

Video Transcript

Hi there, my name’s Daryl, from Biltong Solutions. What we’re trying to do in this video, if you like, is just put together a very simple video guideline on how to make biltong or boerewors or droëwors products. Simple as that. I meant, it’s raw, a bit like our meat. The video it’s very amateurish, but this is it. It’s just purely as a demonstration on how to do it. We want you to go away and do it and enjoy it.

Clothes for instance, it’s freezing outside. We’re in England, and have had some of the coldest winter weather forever. So yeah, thus the scarf, the hat. Great for making Biltong and all that because all your meat stays cold, but anyway apart from that.

So all we’re going to do really in a series of videos is we’re going to give you guidelines on how to make dry boerewors, which is one style of South African products. Biltong is another one, and then we have droëwors, and that’s it really.

And then, all we’re going to do is break it down into each individual product, show you how to do it. You take from it what you want. Do it our way, do it your own way, do variations of both. Just we want you to do it, enjoy it, and go from there. And we’ll talk to you in the next video.

Okay, thanks. Bye.

Right enjoy the Tutorials. Get started with how to make biltong spice.

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