Google best practices

Googles Best Practice Guide for Combining Adwords and Analytics

Better Together; Combine AdWords with Google Analytics

Hey, just wanted to point you to a great guide that has just come out from Google. They do these guides all the time and are are great resource point for the digital business owners to be able to understand their platforms better.

This guide, in case you have not guessed it buy now is How to combine Google Adwords and Google Analytics together. These are two packages that out of the box are both incredible powerful and offer a world of insights on their own. They are also packages they ARE NOT integrated automatically and have to manually configured to do so. However, once done will bring both platforms together to drive insights at multiple levels for PPC performance and user engagement.

Google have done a comprehensive guide here for the new users, however for the more experienced user have a look at the one-page checklist.

Get it going and start analysising. Remember greater insights can help drive informed decision that can be measured.

Remember you should not market without measurement.