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Hi, there. darylcygler.com. This is my ‘About’ page. It’s going to be my – I mean, the whole site is going to be about video blogging, about marketing, and all the other stuff, ATOS that’s on the site. The purpose for this is two-fold. Really it’s just to improve my speaking and the best way for me to do that is through video blogging, and this is my first entry. It’s on my About Me page. So, over time this should be a testament really to how far I’ve come and how I’ve improved because, yeah, the first entry so it can only get better. It can only go onwards and upwards.

Okay, so about me really. 20 years in the construction industry. My background was as a draftsman specializing in structural engineering. I came out of school straight into that. I quite enjoyed it, but you get to that time of your life where you’re looking for a pivotal change because you have more understanding on what you want and what your interests are and your hobbies and what not. It’s not always clear when you leave school at 17 or 18.

So, I always had a passion for business, so I decided to open my own business. So, I was in the U.K. at the time. I still am in the U.K. I’ve been over here for about 15 years as it goes, but there you go. So, yeah. I decided to open some butcher shops. I had a passion for food, for meat, sausages, everything like that, probably my Australian background, my Australian heritage, and I ran that for about four years. It was okay.

I ended up having two shops, thus the connection with all the biltong on the site, which you’ll see and I will go a bit into that in that area so you’ll understand what the connection is there. But, yeah, I mean that was an interesting time in my life. In the end, it created a monster. Yeah, I mean, it was a business that was doing quite well. We were turning over half a million pounds a year.

But, yeah. It was something in the end that I ended up going to barbecues I didn’t like. Sausages, I didn’t like, steak, and I just thought, ‘All right, enough is enough.’ So, yeah. I mean, I got out of it, but it was an invaluable life experience. It taught me all about business, taught me all about people skills. It was a small business so in essence I multi-tasked.

I was the finance department. I was the human resources department. I was the marketing department. I was man management, CEO, FTT, CTO, everything, I was it. So, yeah. Great experience. So, I came out of that and then ended up going back into drafting, and then what happened? 2009, the credit crunch hit. Bang, single-handedly wiped out the construction industry overnight in the U.K.

So inevitably I was out of work for probably about six months and it was at that point, I was just doing a search on Google one day and I thought to myself, ‘How does Google actually know what I’m looking for?’ Being from sort of – having quite a technical background and technical inquisitry [sic] mind, I started to dig and I’ve been digging for the last five years. I was absolutely involved, loved it.

So, yeah. I mean, started out with the search engine optimisation originally. That’s probably my specialty. But that’s now gone over to digital marketing as a whole. So I’m Google Analytics-qualified. I got my individual qualification through Google Analytics, done PPC, and two years ago I decided to make the step full-time. So I left the construction industry, stuff like that, and decided to go and work for an agency.

So currently I’m working for probably one of the top tier digital marketing agencies in the U.K., which is just fantastic. It’s a multidisciplinary agency. So there are all sorts of facets of the business that we’re able to contribute towards clients’ needs – Google Analytics, conversion optimisation, web design and creation, call tracking to a certain extent, associated with keywords which is pretty exciting stuff and just overall digital marketing.

So, it’s brilliant. I love everything about it. It’s a really dynamic environment to be in and especially with the emerging prominence of the mobile and tablet platforms it’s a new era that’s opening up. So, yeah, fantastic.

Really that’s my background in a nutshell, a very quick sort of profile. But the purpose of this site really is to sort of, get thoughts, views, things I come across and insights really into what’s happening within my space. Within digital marketing, anything else really that sort of comes from my mind.

There are other things that will probably get blended into the site, hobbies, interests and what not. So have a look around. I hope you like it. If you find anything of purpose, that’s fantastic. If you’ve got any comments, questions, put them in the Comments box. Drop me a line. I’ll respond to it as and when I can, and if it’s been of value, hey, drop an email and stay in touch.

But thank you for dropping by.

Okay, all the best. Thanks. Bye.