Technical SEO

Why Technical SEO matters – 2015

Technical SEO is the first phase of any SEO Campaign

If you can address your Technical SEO issues in-house, you will be well on your way to gaining some valuable wins on the organic landscape.

A man walks into a doctors surgery and says “Doctor I am having trouble with my knees, I need to be able to run faster and i need you to repair my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury.” So the doctor takes his word for it, books the surgery and preforms the operation straight away. The results are not conclusive. Who do you blame? Does this process even sound right?

This is what is common in the SEO world. All to often site owners will come to SEO agencies or consultants and say nothing more than i want more links to my site. Using the analogy above, i hope you can understand why we as SEO practitioners think it is crazy in all instances. As in the example of the doctors surgery, the first thing that needs to be done and should be done is a full appraisal of the patient, in this case the website. I have seen too many cases to ignore the value of a technical SEO audit in the first instance. Massive gains can be achieved from simple technical fixes.

To give you any example of technical recommendations making a difference i have highlighted a clients SEO visibility timeline. SEO visibility represents the organic search visibility for a domain over time. It is made up of a domain’s ranking keyword search volumes and positions. What this graphs shows is a series of peaks and troughs, all related to technical faults and fixes affecting the site. You can see the impact technical issues can have on a site, pretty conclusive.

technical SEO-visibility


As a reference for Technical SEO issues, Moz have just released a 2015 Technical SEO Guide. It is very comprehensive, so rather than try and better it i am just going to link to it. Please review it as it is the best around.

Given the length of the guide you will see that there are quite a few elements to technical SEO. Hopefully this will give you more of an insight to the array of issues that need to be reviewed. I suggest you work your way through this and address what elements you understand and what ones you don’t. The ones you understand proceed to fix accordingly in-house and the other please consult your local SEO manager for advice.

As normal, before any of the changes are done, benchmarks should be established to measure the final results related to the improvements.

Get to it.